John Berry Beard's Family Photo

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Laura Beard Munson  James Galvin Beard

John Berry     John Berry's     Berry's G-Kids        L-R,   Robert,                 Robert, &           Hallie V, Lexi,                  Pat

WWII Pic.          Ball Pic.         Bailey, Lexi, &                 Berry,  &                   Janice                Bailey, and                     and

    1942                  1937              Kat Callens                         Sam                        Dance                       Kat                           Rob



                                                     Hallie V,                  Rob                       Rob's                              Rob                                   Pat

    Young         Bampa's                 and                         and                        Law                                 and                                   Rob

      Rob              Rob                     Rob                      Robert                Graduation                        Casey                           & Milze



 Rob with                  Rob                               Robert                        John Berry                      Cayman

    Law                       and                              Rob, and                        Beard, III                Robert & Janice's Dog

 Diploma              Aunt Jenny                         Janice                                                             In Fond Memory


Five Generations

     John Berry Beard, Jr.                                                                                                                           Jim, John Berry, Jr, &

    John Berry Beard, III                                              John Berry Beard, Jr.                                          John Berry Beard, III  

  Standing beside Great &                                                          and                                                               standing beside

Great-Great Grand Father                                         John Berry Beard, III                                             Gus Beard & father

      John B. Beard  &                                                             standing by                                                        John B. Beard's

   Great & Great-Great                                       Great & Great-Great Grand Father                                     head stones.

Uncle Gus Beard's head                                                John B. Beard's head                                                   representing

             stone                                                                                 stone                                                              five generations


John Berry Beard, III Daughter

Ainsley Elizabeth Beard

Born 9:58 - 10/13/2006

19.5" Long


Ainsley at Augusta Day

                                                                                                2007              2008 


We had a Tea Party at Gram's House



Below are some pictures from yesteryear

John Berry   John n Pat               Pat                     John in his car &           John & Jim           John in the Truck

in Service     same time          Very Pretty                 Jimmy outside             by Co. Truck         & Maggie's Drawers



Janice's Mama Bess,

Bess Oehlschlager &

her friend Mrs. Sartin