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In Fond Memory

The following are pictures of the grave markers of our beloved family members.  If anyone has pictures that they would liked to have placed on this web site, then mail them to Jim, or attach as a ".gif or .jpg," file to an email to

S. J. Beard's Ancestors and a Family Member Gravesites,

Walker Cemetery in Woodruff County Arkansas, near or on the old Beard Plantation.

    S. J. Beard's     S. J. Beard's       Close up              Close up          Distant view of     Jim standing by

        Father            Brother             view of                 view of            John B. Beard &   Grandfather &

  John B. Beard    Gus Beard        Gus Beard          John B. Beard        Gus Beard                Uncle


Entrance to Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery in Memphis, TN.

The location of the gravesites of the family members of S. J. Beard shown below.


                                    S. J. Beard's Niece &

    S. J. Beard's                  her Husband             S. J. Beard's         Merle Beard Bittle's   Merle Beard Bittle's

        Mother                        Nina B. &                      Sister                         Husband                        Son           

   Mary E. Beard          William W. Haven     Merle Beard Bittle        Floyd L. Bittle          Floyd Norton Bittle


            S. J. Beard's          Nina B. Beard Dickey's

                Sister                            Husband

  Nina Bell Beard Dickey     George A. Dickey


S. J. Beard's Immediate Family Gravesites

Located in Augusta Memorial Park Cemetery, Augusta, AR.

                                       Close up view of            Rear view of        Close up rear view of    Closer up rear view of    Near rear view of

  S. J. & Sis Beard's    S. J. & Sis Beard's     S. J. & Sis Beard's    S. J. & Sis Beard's         S. J. & Sis Beard's      S. J. & Sis Beard's

      Gravesite                    Headstone                     Gravesite                  Headstone                      Headstone                  Headstone


                                                                                    S. J. & Sis's son                                            John Berry Beard's

        S. J. Beard's                   Sis Beard's              John Berry Beard's     John Berry Beard's        Granddaughter

          Footstone                      Footstone                      Headstone                    Footstone                   Trisha Beard