First United Methodist Church



The following are pictures of completed projects in the class rooms at the First United Methodist Church.  This work was performed mainly by myself and Freda over a period of 14 months.  The Theatre carpet was furnished by East End Furniture and laid by Mr. Branscum, and the seats were assembled by a crew on Wednesday 4/26/2006.  We only painted the Boat and Boat room, the rest has been done by a lady, whom I do not know her name at this time.  The purpose was to create an atmosphere of Christian education for the youth of today and the future adults of tomorrow.  There are currently 4 rooms that are complete and one more in the planning stage.   Completed are: Library, Theatre, Kitchen, and Boat rooms.  Planned for the near future is a Computer Lab. 

It has been a pleasure working on this project, and with all the ones involved in the foresight of tomorrow.  There remains some finishing touches to be done to the Theater and Kitchen, but all should be completed by Memorial Day week end.

The following pictures are "Thumbnails" and can be view full size by clicking on them.  Feel free to save them to your computer, or print then.  I hope you enjoy your visit to my web site.

Jim Beard

April 28, 2006