Upcoming Special Events in Augusta

This page is reserved for announcement of upcoming events in Augusta, or the Augusta area.  Please notify me of any events to be in Augusta or near there, about special meeting, family reunions, or class reunions.  Just email me and I will post them at this site.

Jim Beard


Plans are underway to construct a Memorial to all Woodruff County Veterans, from all Wars.  Details are on a JPG file.  Just click the button "WC Vet Memorial" below and it will take you to the article from the Woodruff County Monitor.  Please note that it is in JPG format and it should open with any picture viewer that you might have on your computer.  Feel free to save it to your local drive, if you would like a copy for yourself.

WC Vet Memorial

WCM Layout

Click on thumbnail above to get a full page view.

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