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At Jim's house for visiting and to watch parade.

a crowd was here so no names.


At the concert Saturday Night.


Molly, Jerry, Freda,                        Molly, Jerry,                                   Molly &,

Richard & Linda                            Freda and Linda                                  Jerry



At Jim's house for Chat and Parade

a crowd no names




At Richard's house for great BBQ and fun time



From Jerry Baker's Camera




From Jimmy's Camera

                                                                            Richard, Skip, Nat

      Sue Candlish Tinkler,                                  Tinkler, Molly, Jim,          Jim, Roland,

         Linda, & Richard                                      Roland Elam, Sue, &            Sue and                   Molly and                   Skip and

                 Cooper                  Skip Gipson                Cal Forster                        Nat                          Jim                            Richard


                                                                                                                                                                         Freda, Jerry,

                                  Sue and                    Roland and           Richard, Skip &              Freda and            Molly, Sue, and

                                   Roland                          Sue                     Freda Beard                    Molly                         Nat

                                                                                  Jerry, Molly,            Freda, Jerry,

                                                                                  Richard, Sue,                Molly,

                                                                                        and Nat                  Sue & Nat

From Jerry's camera

           Milze McElwee,                Nat, Sue,               Lynn, Skip,                                               

           Molly, Neppy, &                  and                      Richard, &                  Linda                      Molly, Sue, &            Richard, &

                    Betty                         Belinda                   Cal Foster                  Cooper                            Nat                          Linda

               Class of '56               Class of '56                 Jim, &                     Jim, Roland,                  Skip, Nat,                Linda, and

             50th Reunion             50th Reunion                 Neppy                        and Sue                      and Freda                  Richard

                 Skip, and                    Sue, and                                                                    Billy Joe Royal

                  Richard                       Roland                                                                         Performing

From Nat Tinkler's camera

                Neppy, sue, Milze,                                                           Sue,                       Betty on the left,              Sue, Belinda

            Belinda, Pat, McElwee,               Sue, &                        Belinda, &                            and                                and

                             & Jim                           Belinda                            Pat                          Pat by the post                      Pat

                           Belinda                Sue, Lynn, Molly,          Molly, Milze, Jerry        Betty, Molly, Pat,        Cookie Beard, Betty,

                              and                       Jerry, Betty, &            Betty, Paul Burrow,        Tommy, Neppy,                Sue, Molly, Pat,

                             Jerry                           Neppy                    &, Tommy Burrow            Lynn, & Jerry                   and Tommy

                 Tommy, Pat, Milze,        Richard, Belinda,                 Richard                            Skip                            Molly, Jerry,

                      Neppy, Lynn,               Cal Foster, &                         and                          Freda, and                       Roland, and

                        and Jerry                            Skip                                Skip                              Molly                                Sue

                                                              Jim, Richard,                Freda, Molly,                Richard's uncle

                                                                 and Skip                        and Jerry                        Cal Foster


Working on 50th Reunion - will be up soon!

40th Class Reunion 1995 Little Rock, Arkansas

                                                                                L-R: Classmates        Carvill Fitzhugh              Lynn Holler            L-R: Jim Beard

Carl Dean Rutledge &         Slip Gipson,             Jim Beard, Skip,                 and                                and                      and Unknown

      Richard Cooper           Carl, & Richard          Carl, & Richard       Pete (Bishop) Butler            Richard                        Carvill


   Terrel (Skip) and,                                                                                    Tommy                         Jimmy, &                   Naylor, &

           Theresa                      Darrell                                                        Sullivan, &                Marcia (Sawyer)                Letha

           Gipson                         Routh                          Richard                        wife                            Sanders                         Mills


       Donald, &                   Lynn Holler               Linda Cooper,      Ivadean (Vicery)      Carvill, and             Darlene     Theresa Gipson

           Inas                             and                        Molly (Ingram)         Branch, &                 Karen                  (bishop)             and

        Neuhaus                  Lady unknown          Hobson, & Darrell   Theresa Gipson          Fitzhugh                 Butler       Darrell Routh


L-R: non backs, David Hobson    Marcia Sanders,  Marvin Griffin                                                                     Darrell, Marcia, &

      Donald Neuhaus, and                 Inas, and                 and                                                                                           Darrell's

           Unknown seated                Donald Neuhaus   Naylor Mills   A group talking, see above pics for names            sister




                                                                        We eat, talk, and discuss our 45th reunion plans.




                                                                                                                              Sr. Trip Top

                                              Larry Davis,                                                                                                                         Mickey Lambert

                                               J. E. Stark,             Football Team                                              Belinda Eldridge              Molly Ingram

                                            Wayne Duncan,           Jr. Year                     Jr. Play Cast                 Jimmy Beard            Donald Neuhaus

Class picture 5th grade     Jimmy & Molly            1953-54                            1954                         Sr. Trip 1955             Darrell Routh


Would You like to                                                                                                                                                                    Sr. Trip Btm.. 

know who they are in                                                                                                                                                              Richard Cooper

this picture?  Click                                                                                                                                                                  Jo Culbertson

this -  5th Grade                                                                                                                                                                Della Taylor