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Class Coming Events: 2007 Class get together at Jim Beard's house Saturday May 26, 2007...10:00 AM, watch parade at 11:00.  Visit with old Augusta friends there who watched till noon, go pick up something to ead from the midway, bring it back to Jim's and eat.  Vist, and talk all afternoon or go down town for some of the activities.  Some drinks furnished, but you may bring more if you like, will have an open canopy to sit under,  (BRING LAWN CHAIRS).  If rain, we can go inside or move canopy to garage driveway and sit there....Will have music......  Stay as long as you like, going to concert at 7:00 to get a good place to sit.  Will have schedule posted as soon as I get a  copy.  T Graham Brown is featured entertainer at the Saturday Concert.  My house is marked on the map below - click on it - it is a thumbnail and will enlarge to full size.

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Alma Mater

Let us join in singing praises, Dear old A.H.S.

Our beloved Alma Mater ranks among the best.

Let's support and pledge allegiance; shout this joyous song.

Honor, love, and true devotion, all to her belong.


Thru the years thy sons and daughters, held thy banner high.

We must keep this standard upward 'till it tops the sky.

Work together, sing forever, shout this joyous song.

Honor, love, and true devotion, all to her belong.

Music and Words to our Alma Mater, click on image to enlarge.

Whose Birthday is it?

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