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Family Tree Article:

The following link is an article from the Woodruff County Monitor-Leader-Advocate, by Gary Telford, Genealogist dated October 27, 2004.  It is quite interesting and contains valuable history about our family.  While there are some errors and omissions in the children of John B. Beard, the story contained in the article is most valuable to our family heritage.   In order to open the article from the web site you will need Adobe Reader.  If you do not have the program on your computer,  you can go to the internet and download a free copy of version 6.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.  A note of interest also, the author of the article has given me some great sites where I can search the web for further history of the Beard Family, and also the Ramsey Family.

Family Tree Bracket:

The first Family Tree Bracket below is a MS Word document.  It is a large file and will take a few seconds to open.  Once you open it, I suggest that you save it to your local drive.  Then click on file, and then print preview.  From this view you can increase the size by zooming in to 150%.  This will make it much easier to read the names, but if printed in this large a view the printout will flow to other pages.  If you have any problems please email me and I will try to help you out

Family Tree Bracket No. 2:

Hand typed and smaller file of the Family Tree Bracket


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