Welcome to the S. J. Beard, Sr. Family Web Site

This site is for the descendants of Samuel Jerome Beard, Sr.  It contains genealogical, and biographical backgrounds on family members.  Personal pages are located on this along with special other pages for the hometown where S. J. (Romie) and his life long wife, Sis.

Each Button is a link to the children and grandchildren, or ancestors  of Sis and Romie Beard from Augusta, Arkansas, and items of interest of our home town, and fun stuff..  Please feel free to browse  each site and to download any of the pictures.  These sites were created by the youngest son and are best viewed with I.E. 4.0 or later with a 17" monitor having 600x800 high resolution, or better.  

 Family Tree This page will link to the six children of Romie and Sis.

Family Web Sites This page will link to business web sites of family members.

Gallery & Memorials View photos of family member, memorials, and memories of our past.

Genealogy This links you to the S. J. Beard site at ancestry.com, and has over 300 family members listed.

Beard Specials This site has special items of interest to the Beard Family, mostly about our heritage.

Augusta This is a link to several pages about the small town that Romie and Sis moved to in the early 30's and raised their family.  Some information on these pages, and a lot of pictures in the special gallery for Augusta.  Also the author and youngest child of Romie and Sis has the Class of 1955 information and pictures.

Entertainment This page will have fun things to view or download, and could change on a daily basis.

This is a symbol for a page that is under construction!  When the new Gallery is completed the entire site will begin to be reconstructed using a new program that will make it easier to move from page to page throughout the site.  The new Gallery and the Genealogy URL's will remain the same.  If you visit these sites often, then it will be a good idea to bookmark them now so that you will have them when we are moving the other pages to the new site.  I will email out ample warning when I start to reorganize the site, it will be after the first of the year.  Thanks for your cooperation. Jim@abeard.com






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